Hot Dogs

By Lori Purdy Faitel

I have two dogs, both are border collie rescues. That said, they were rescued meaning at one point they would be in line for euthanasia if they were not adopted.  My oldest, an almost 14 year old, was found at the humane society when he was a puppy, maybe 3 months old. My baby is going on 4 years old and I found her on She was supposed to be 8 weeks old but the vet said she was probably younger.
Both puppies as I call them are mostly black with white under, on their paws and a little under their chins. The oldest is mostly black and the youngest is about 60% black with more white than the other and some brown highlights (as I like to call it) around her eyes and mouth. We live in the midwest so the summers are short and hot, the winters are longer. Regardless when the sun shines it shines very bright, and the black in our dogs attracts the sun. Both dogs have times in each day when they play and play hard. After playing both of their tongues hang out and seemingly are long enough to drag on the ground. (I understand dogs have not sweat glands so the tongue is about their only cooling unit) When the sun is out both dogs don’t even have to move when their tongues begin to hang.
For this reason, when I am concerned about the comfort of the puppies, I refer to them as hot dogs.
The oldest quite possibly is a mix of border collie and springer spaniel. He has a few long hairs that flip, but for the most part his fur is short to medium in length. He definitely has the collie down fur and that is a task to remove for coolness. The youngest is about a head and 1/4 of the trunk bigger and she has tons of fur. According to her personality and traits I firmly believe she is a mix of border collie and burmese mountain dog. She has an ungodly amount of thick fur that I work very hard at trying to keep thin and brushed to keep her cool.
Regardless of the personal heat either puppy is experiencing they are both very happy. I love my HOT DOGS!