By Lori Purdy Faitel

If you have never felt the unconditional love of a puppy you are truly missing one of life’s biggest pleasures. Young puppies and old puppies are easily made happy. Every dog has an internal puppy just waiting to be loved.

Puppies show love in so many ways I can not describe them all; but I can describe the affection I am most familiar with. FIRST-my puppies express love with the people in our family by physical contact. Sometimes I am sitting or standing and one of my puppies will sit on my feet, at other times I am relaxed and one or both of my puppies will come close to me and put one paw onto me. It may be a paw on my thigh if I am sitting down, or a paw on my hand if I am laying down, or a nose push under my hand if my hands are idle. Contact sometimes happens when I am standing or walking and as one of my puppies walks beside me as he or she continues to brush against me.
My puppies honestly smile! The smiles of love happen at unexpected times. I may be in deep thought when I look up and into my puppy’s eyes. He or she will have eye contact, their mouths open just slightly, then soon I will see the corners of their mouth curl.
Both of my puppies whimper when someone in my family leaves If someone in my family is distressed or frustrated one or both puppies will come to their side. I feel the love of my puppies everywhere I am and everywhere I go. If I am in a location that my puppies can be near me they are, right by my side. As long as I have puppies I am always loved!