Western Michigan

By Lori Purdy Faitel

I was born in a suburb of Lansing. From the age of about 7 I have lived my life in northwestern Metro Detroit (maybe that description will work for non Michigander’s and locals will just chuckle). I had no experience with Western Michigan until about 1982; my husband/boyfriend at the time went to Western Michigan University. Some close friends of my husband and I moved from Metro Detroit to western Michigan about 10 years ago. My knowledge of Michigan’s beautiful Western border increased with these events.
Today Western Michigan is my favorite vacation spot in the summer.  Oh, I love Saugatuck-which has been called the Key West of the Midwest. Lake Michigan is a beautiful, blue and a very large body of water. Holland Michigan is a very cool place for plant lovers, with a taste of old world Holland. Recently I have learned and visited the Muskegon River, a wide, beautiful river. When boating on the river I feel like an explorer; the river is lined with millions of pine trees, birches, maples, and many more. A small beach can be seen once in awhile when boating on the river; the river is not crowded and very quiet. I saw a fisherman holding a fish he had just caught, he was standing in his river boat, he held up the fish and it stretched from his hand which was at his shoulder to just below his waist.
The people all over Western Michigan are nice and unhurried. I find it very easy to relax and leave stress behind when visiting. Grand Rapids is a great town, to me it is an entity all it own. Part of Grand Rapids is a college town and everything can be accessed by walking, another part of Grand Rapids is a Lake. On a Sunday morning people can be seen walking their dogs around the lake, riding a bike, jogging or pushing a stroller. Everyone has a smile on their face. A paved path circles the lake, my dog was happy to notice the homes surrounding the lake had bowls of water for puppy refreshment at the end of the driveway.
Ferris State University is in Western Michigan. I have a few friends who have graduated from Ferris. The University is well known and tucked away, it does not obstruct the beauty of Western Michigan.
I love Western Michigan.