What makes a Perfect Day?

By Lori Purdy Faitel

Lets see, a perfect day is probably different for everyone. The basics are sun, cleanliness, smiles…

My perfect day is a sunny day, anywhere with a temperature between 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. In my perfect day I am surrounded by the happy faces of those that I love: my husband, my two dogs, my two cats, then a few friends and family could be spattered into the picture. As long as all the faces are sincerely smiling. Yes for my perfect day I want only happiness.
To be a perfect day all does not have to go my way; but as long as happiness can be found the day can still be perfect.  Today for instance, the plan was to spend the day at the lake with my favorite faces. We arrived at the lake and began our activities, then it started to rain. We packed up and headed for lunch in hopes that when lunch was over the weather would clear up and we could go back to the lake.
We enjoyed our lunch and not even halfway into eating the sun came out and no rain drops could be seen. All of the faces smiled and the day was perfect.
The day that was planned yesterday was almost ruined; but we realized that we were in charge of how the day turned out. We could have gotten upset, which I know would have put tension out to the world around us. Of course the tension we may have had, in the anger from the rain on the beginning of our lake outing, would be felt by everyone we encountered for the remainder of the day.

When I feel tension from outsiders I seldom put my best foot forward. Because we chose to move on, beyond the rain drops, and chose a planned activity out of the pre-arranged days sequence, the weather had a chance to pass. Because we moved out of a potentially rained out situation and into a neutral activity we were able to carry our happy faces. When we went to lunch with our happy faces, the strangers we encountered accepted our smiles and mostly reciprocated.

When we returned to the lake it was pretty much empty, that increased our ability to do anything we wanted to do!  Our dogs were able to slowly get used to the water and build their tolerance until they were swimming with us!  We were able to travel the lake and visit different areas and we did not run into crowds until the end of the day. We were able to have our happy faces all day, share our happy faces, and see how happy faces are infectious.
Today was what I would call one of my perfect days!