By Lori Purdy Faitel

If you could have any 5 wishes, with no guilt, that would cause no ill effect on others and was purely for you, what would you chose?
The answer to this question changes for me based on how the level of pain I feel,  if I am sad or happy and when was the last time I saw the people I love.
If I have been dealing with pain issues the first would be for removal of all pain for the rest of my life. I can deal with pain pretty well. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most painful (this scale is used frequently in the medical field) it seems for me if pain is at a 2 or 3 that is just normal. Once my pain is into the 4’s and above my personality changes. I am not the happy go lucky person I normally am.
If the weather has been nice outside when this question was posed I would probably wish for time outside on a boat or anywhere near water. If the weather was cold or rainy or snowy or blistery I would wish for 24/7 cool and sunny weather.
I wish for 10 days in Hawaii.  In 2004 my husband and I went to Hawaii, we enjoyed every minute; that was our first and only. We enjoyed it because it was truly a heavenly place with beautiful blue waters, beautiful greenery, amazing tropical nature that I only have seen on TV and because all the people we ran into were so kind. I have wished for a return visit. I have a million sites and activities I want to do and see in Hawaii.
I wish for 24 hours in a pleasant and easy venue to be with my brother, sister-in-law and my kids (my niece and nephew). Not just an hour here or there, a day during the holidays but 24 hours when all that mattered is my niece and nephew.
My last wish (today) would be for a venue quiet and comforting, away from all work distractions where my husband and I could be physically close and listen to something fictitious. In that way my husband and I would appreciate being close to one another while our minds were filled with words and descriptions of something so far from reality we would have no stress or tension.
There is my 5 wishes for today, I wonder how my wishes will change as days go by.